Welcome to Dead🐶Puppy horror reviews! My name is Colton David Coate, and I am a lifelong fan of the horror genre. I majored in film production at San Francisco State University and am an active horror writer/director/waiter in West Hollywood, California. I decided to start this review site in order to share with the world my ongoing obsession with all things gory, creepy, thrilling, shocking, and exploitative as well as expand my writing into the non-fiction universe. My main focus will be on highlighting the underappreciated low-budget horror franchise as well as their writers, directors, and actors.

My current personal projects are a campy teen horror called Witches Bitches about three popular witches that befriend a pregnant teen in order to use her baby as a sacrifice to Satan and a documentary analyzing the false masculinity complex that plagues the LGBTQAA+ community entitled Masc4Masc. I also have a completed feature revenge horror film Miserable Marnie & The Shut In (2013) which you can find right here

I like to be tongue-in-cheek and conversational with my reviews so if any offense is taken FUCK YOU you should have made a better movie (and please feel free to review and talk shit about my movie). I hope you all enjoy my suggestions and humble opinions.


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